Friday, May 27, 2011

Miller Park in Sacramento

One of the lovely parks in Sacramento where we painted with Calvin Liang, our instructor from Corona.  These paintings are meant to be small studies.  For myself, they are an invaluable learning tool.  I am less interested in the outcome than I am in the process.  Whenever I could, I tried to paint the same scene that Calvin painted.  In this way, I used his painting as a guide but always looked at the actual scenery before me as my subject.  I wish I could show you his painting with mine next to it, but I don't have the permission to do that.  

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Discovery Park in Sacramento

I recently attended an En Plein Air workshop with Calvin Liang in Sacramento.  It was wonderful and I learned a lot.  Calvin is a fantastic landscape painter and a great teacher who is filled with enthusiasm for his craft.  I wish that I could convey on canvas all of the information I have absorbed from painting with Calvin for five days. If I keep on practicing and applying myself, I believe that some of this knowledge is bound to manifest itself in my work.